Howarthia Plant


product includes

1 Haworthia plant with self watering pot .


About haworthia

Haworthia is recognizable by its pearly warts (it’s cuter to think of them as polka dots), and is commonly called zebra cactus, pearl plant, star window plant, or cushion aloe.

Predominantly native to South Africa, haworthia is usually small, around 3 to 5 inches in height (although some can shoot out taller blooming spikes), and a relatively slow grower.
Plus, haworthia is nontoxic to pets!

Caring for your haworthia

If you know how to care for aloe and echeveria, you’ll be an ace at growing haworthia, as they have very similar needs.
Watering: As with all succulents, be careful not to overwater your haworthia, and make sure it has well-draining soil. Haworthia needs to be watered when their soil is completely dried out and their leaves start to curl (about every two to three weeks). In the winter, they need less water, so you can basically forget about them and just water them every other month.
Light: Haworthia love bright, indirect sun. If you have a window facing south, east, or west, that’s your winner.
If you want to move your haworthia outside during the summer, expose it to the sunlight a little more each day at the beginning of the season, so that it doesn’t become overexposed to the sun on its first day outside. Otherwise, its leaves will burn!

some calles it howerthia ,as different places ,different comes .It comes in the category of succulents


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