Mammilaria elongata, Copper King – Cactus Plant


Globular and spiky, Mammillaria Cactus are eye-catching and easy to care. Among the larger set of Cacti, Mammillaria is one of the most sought after houseplants in the world. And they are well suited for homes and gardens across India.

Easy to CareBright LightWater Occasionally

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Mammillaria Elongata, Copper King Cactus Care
With over 2,000 species and some 140 species of plants, Cacti originated in the deserts of North and South America. Mexico has the largest number of Cacti species in any country. Although these are plants that grow in arid regions, hybrid varieties are known to grow in favourable conditions for growing, anywhere. They are popular houseplants and produce flowers at a very young age.
Welcoming and caring for Cacti Mammillaria
Acceptance: Adding healthy Cactii to a plant collection is the only feeling the plant parent understands. At fernbasket, we bring you ready-to-display plants with high-quality growth, compact standing and well-made varieties.

Availability: Cacti needs bright light. So set the plants in a sunny place in your home or office. While they love the sun, they can be raised under fluorescent artificial lighting like those in the office

Moulding: Since Cacti has a small structure, you do not need to repaint them every year. Once every 3-4 years it is ready. While re-cooking, Cacti needs a sandy, sandy, bold soil that provides good plumbing and aeration. Proper soil type will need to dry out immediately after watering the plant. A good combination of 30:30:20:20 coco-peat, coarse sand, compost and perlite ready for Cacti

Irrigation: Cacti have been able to survive with little or no rain for months. It is therefore natural not to overdo these plants. A few drops of water every month is not all they need. Excessive watering can lead to the formation of root canals and, ultimately, loss of plant health

Fertilizer application: Most Cactii grow slowly, which is why they need very little to feed. If you have to fertilize, give them organic manure once or twice a year. Dilute it with water as described in the package and add a little to each pot as part of your monthly irrigation routine.

Ancient and rugged cacti have no resemblance to the natural world. They adorn themselves as they are with the surreal. Properly shaped flowers can emerge from a greyish-green base, and emerge among the fine spikes. If you are a plant lover, you might consider adding some of these sturdy, prickly plants to your collection.

Did you know
The pillars of the true Cactus Mammillaria are arranged in the order of Fibonacci.

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