Cylindropuntia spinosior


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1 Cylindropuntia spinosior plant with self watering pot .

Cylindropuntia spinosior, with the common names include cane cholla, spiny cholla and walking stick cactus, is a cactus species of the North American deserts. It is native to Arizona and New Mexico in the United States; and Chihuahua and Sonora in Mexico.

This is a compact and a beautiful cultivar. SAME SIZED CLUMP WILL BE SENT.

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What is Cylindropuntia spinosior?

Cylindropuntia spinosior is a cholla found in sandy loamy flats between 300 to 2000 m elevation in the Sonoran desert of Arizona, New Mexico, and Sonora and Chihuahua, Mexico.


C. spinosior is a widely branching tree growing to over 2 m tall. The firmly attached terminal stems are 5 to 23 cm long by 1.3 to 3.5 cm wide. The areoles have 5 to 24 tan, pinkish, or red-brown spines which overlap the spines of adjacent areoles. The spine sheaths are white and fit tightly to the spines. The flowers are rose to purple and sometimes yellow. The filaments are pine to purple and sometimes green. T

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