Bunny Ears, Opuntia microdasys – Plant(succulent)


Yellow Bunny Ears is a cute succulent perfect for beginner gardeners. Its green pads covered with yellow polka dots resemble the ears of bunny and makes the plant appear more beautiful.

Botanical Name: Opuntia microdasys

Other Names: Polka dot cactus, Bunny Ear

Growing Season: Throughout the year

Ideal Temperature: 21-37°C

Uses: Pair bunny ears with different varieties of cactii plants and adorn your living room.

Difficulty Level: Easy

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Opuntia microdasys is a species of cactus native and endemic to central and northern Mexico. This plant has the appearance of a shrub, and spreads out to cover between 2-5 feet of ground as a mature plant. This cacti has no central stem or leaves.

Flowers will always sprout from the terminal ends of segment pads. These are a creamy yellow in color, and fade to peach once fertilized. Flowers will turn into 2 inch long fruits varying from purple to red in color.

How to Grow – Quick View
Succulent soil
4-5 hours of sun
Water when soil dries out
Fertilize once a year
What to Do After Getting the Package?
Take a knife and carefully cut the tape to unbox the live plant.
Gently remove the plant from the package.
Place the plant where it can receive bright, indirect sunlight regularly.
How to Care for Yellow Bunny Ears Cactus?
Sunlight: Bunny ear cactus enjoys sun exposure, so keep it near windows and balcony where it can get 4-5 hours of good sunlight.

Watering: Water the cactus every 2-3 weeks. Avoid overwatering, it can harm the Bunny ear cactus.

Soil: Bunny Ears Cactus thrives well in cactus potting mix, which is easily available in nurseries. You can make it at home by combining two parts of potting soil with one part each of perlite and sand.

Fertilizer: Feed the cactus every year with an all-purpose fertilizer to encourage healthy growth.


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