watering garden can (2 ltr)


  • 🌱 GARDENING GIFT 👉 Your kids will be charmed with this adorable little watering can for his/her potted plants.
  • 🌱 EASY TO USE 👉 SMALL Liter CAPACITY INDOOR-OUTDOOR WATERING CAN – This practical indoor watering can holds 5
    2 Litres and will keep all their indoor and patio, flowers and plants, watered, happy, and thriving
  • 🌱 THICK WALL STRUCTURE 👉 no creasing or leaking. The filling hole is located on the side so the handles don’t get in the way
  • 🌱 COUNTRY DESIGN 👉 The equipment or tool for ideal watering for plants can take care of all your garden watering needs. gallon, a green, classic watering can. Made from sturdy plastic. Comes with a nozzle. Durable and will last you years to come. Will take care of watering all-size plants and flowers.
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