Syngonium podophyllum white butterfly plant


product includes

1 syngonium plant with self watering pot .

As a young plant, its leaves start out heart-shaped, then gradually become arrowhead shaped as it matures. Its dark-green leaves have silvery white or cream variation.

As a small plant, its leaves begin to take shape, and gradually become an arrow as it grows. Its green leaves have a variety of white or cream, making this an ornamental and popular house plant. Although it can be grown outside in some places, the arrowhead plant always grows as a houseplant.

Young leaves are selected and the plant is more compact, cutting off all the growing stems, which will keep them bushy and clean. The leaves will dry out like an arrow instead of the old open style.

Common Name White Butterfly, Nephthytis, Arrowhead plant, Arrowhead vine, Arrowhead philodendron, Goosefoot, African evergreen, American evergreen, Chain Of Pearls Plant, AKA Elephant Ear
Bloom Time Flowers do not usually enter the house
Details Height 3.00 to 6.00 meters
Easy Growth
Caring for the Syngonium Podophyllum White Butterfly plant
Arrowhead plant care requires humid conditions, especially during the dry winter months.
Mist the plant daily or place its container on a tray filled with small stones and water to increase moisture for good growth.
Keep them away from direct sunlight, as this will cause the arrowhead plant to burn or fade.
The root structure of the arrowhead plant is very broad, widespread and grows to the point of the invasion of the wild.
Even in the middle of the content area, due to the root structure of the arrowhead, the plant should be replanted every second spring.

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