perlite- 250 gram


Your plants need room to grow. Help them develop strong roots and prevent soil compaction with Perlite. Enriched with Plant Food, Perlite improves aeration in your potting mix so you can grow more beautiful plants. Plus, the lightweight media helps start plants from root cuttings.

Helps prevent soil compaction and promote strong root development. For Indoor And Outdoor Pots Plant Containers.
Improves Drainage & Aeration In Potting Mixes
Mix Evenly With Potting Mix To Help Prevent Soil Compaction And Promote Strong Root Development.
Perlite’s Lightweight Characteristics Make It An Excellent Medium For Starting Seeds And Rooting Cuttings.
Lightweight Perlite Does Not Crush Fine Stems Or Root Systems, Making It Ideal For Growing Delicate Plants. Use only with container plants


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