patharchatta fresh Leaves – 20 leaves


✅ Pack Of 20 leaves.

✅ Leaves would be around 3 inches long.

✅ Please note that the pictures displayed are indicative. As it may be understood, each and every plant leaf is unique and as such the actual height, shape and look would vary somewhat from plant to plant.


Bryophyllum pinnatum, a perennial succulent plant, is known by many other names such as life plant, miracle leaf, air plant and Goethe plant. Apart from being a medicinal as well as decorative plant it has some distinctive features too. It can grow up to 4 feet tall (sometimes even more) and produces flowers when grown up. Miniature plantlets can emerge from the margins of its leaves too. Care: This plant is a low maintenance type and can tolerate dry conditions and high temperatures. Just keep the soil moist and apply organic fertilizer occasionally to maintain its steady growth and propagation. The plant flourishes well with adequate sunlight.


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